• Was put into circulation when this planet had four billion inhabitants
  • Was born and raised in two dimensions
  • Upgraded to three dimensions in the Helvetic Confederation at the turn of the century
  • Has claimed to be an electrical engineer since 1999
  • Does “something with computers”
  • Has been an avid motorcyclist since 2001
  • Reportedly holds on to his handlebars even at 88 degrees of lean angle
  • Will be due for his 150.000 kilometer service in 2016
  • Motto #1: don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Motto #2: everything will be alright
    • 2.1. but not without someone doing his/her very best
      • 2.1.a. and that someone is probably you…


  • Is a product of a vocal artist and an electrical engineer
  • Worries about worrying too much
  • Her wish to explore the unknown started with her packing her small rainbow suitcase as a kid
  • Does “something with money”
  • Learned in 2001 that the motorcycling virus is very contagious
  • Entered into a new stage of the ‘disease’ in 2014 by getting her own license
  • Thinks music is like air – you cannot live without it
  • Is looking forward to all the different foods we’re going to be eating (and probably only knowing afterwards what they were…)
  • Collects clutch and brake lever tips
  • Motto #1: Life is too short to drink bad coffee
  • Motto #2: Life is too short to eat bad food
  • Motto #3: Fortune favours the brave