GL023: The People of Iran

August 30th, 2016

Even though the photos below don’t even show a quarter of the people we’ve met, they do speak for themselves: we’ve had a good time in Iran. Aside from the pretty scenery, tons of history and great food, the prime reason for that is the warmth and hospitality of the people. And that’s probably no surprise to you if you’ve read our last five posts.

It is simply very nice to be visiting a place where you encounter genuine enthusiasm and interest from local people. Enthusiasm for your effort to visit their country. The Iranians express this by a greeting on the street, a wave, a smile, a thumbs-up or honking from a passing car, an offer for help and a phone number, a treat to fruit, coffee or sweets, a lunch or even a wedding party, a guided tour of the sights of a city or an invitation for dinner and for staying the night.

We have truly enjoyed all of these gestures, small and large, from strangers and from friends. It has been a eye-opener to the way many of us have become in the West: individualistic and focused on our own lives. A foreigner with a breakdown on the roadside in Iran is likely to receive help even before he has come to a full stop. “He’ll probably have a mobile phone to call for help! She’ll be insured for vehicle recovery, won’t she?”: our excuses to blast by without taking our foot (or hand) off the throttle are pathetic. Busy busy! Bullshit.

So, by all means, do visit Iran! Meet the Iranians (it’s impossible not to) and treat them with the same respect you are getting from them. Unless you’ve managed to view this page from North Korea it’s probably easier for you to travel the world than it is for the Iranians, unfortunately. So you will have to go to Iran to meet them. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

Thank you dear people of Iran and see you again!

2 thoughts on “GL023: The People of Iran”

  1. Fantastische Bilder , wir sind beeindruckt. Es scheint,.. für die Iranische Bevölkerung beinahe wie ein Weltwunder, eine Frau im Motordress anzutreffen ,….nicht umsonst wurde Petra an einer Tankstelle als “Lion Lady” angesprochen. Mark und Petra, vielen Dank für eure interessanten Berichte. Wir freuen uns, dass ihr wieder gesund zurück sind, und wir mit euch bald “anstossen” können !

    Eure Nachbarn
    Werner + Ursula

  2. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of all these hospitable people.

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