This website contains travel stories centered around one of the most wonderful hobbies in the world: motorcycle touring. And if you have a good excuse for not riding, such as eating breakfast, being snowed in or raising four children, the next best thing is talking and reading about motorcycling. About the rides you’ve done and about those that you will do when your kids have left the house, spring has arrived or breakfast is finished.

Why would you write about a little vacation that you had? Almost nobody does that about their annual vacation on the beach. The reason is that almost every motorcycle tour, short or long, is at least a bit of an adventure. Sitting on a motorcycle in the wind, rain and sunshine is a very direct experience — an experience I’d like to capture for you and for myself.

I got introduced to the concept of writing ride stories by Leon B. He’d come to Switzerland from the Netherlands at night, riding more than 600km before breakfast, and we’d continue for a few days through the Alps or the German Black Forest before he’d return in a similar manner. It was always a joy to read our adventures in his words. Soon I was contributing and I’ve kept doing that for most longer rides since then. So the third best thing after riding is reliving it by writing about it.

For now, the focus is on keeping a diary for the big trip. As we’re going along slowly, I may find time to republish the older stories that I wrote since that very first tour back in 2001.

Although I’d like this website to be trilingual, you may find that not all pages or posts are available in Dutch, German or English. Most stories up to now have been written in English and will probably never be translated. They won’t be visible if you came in through the Dutch or German version of this site so you may need to switch to English in the side bar to be able to find them.

During my biggest adventure yet, I’ll try to keep up posting in three languages. I am not sure if this is doable while keeping a balance between having the experiences and writing about them. If you’d like to help me out by translating a post from English to Dutch or to German once in a while — preferably if you know me and my slightly warped sense of humor — that would be much appreciated by many people and myself. Please let me know, for example through an e-mail to the contact form. Thanks!


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